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What our customers are saying . . .

We have purchased 5 complete 5-gallon filling lines from 4R since 2000. Now, on average, we sell 50 thousand bottles 5 gallon bottled water per day year-round and are a famous brand here in Guangdong province and Hong Kong area. We appreciate contributions made by 4R during this process.

I am pleased to make my positive comments about its professional service, and robust, reliable machine. 4R’s designing staff is very willing to listen to our needs and they always keep on innovation.

I also very appreciate 4R’s excellent after sale service team and installation engineers. Thanks their patience to training our operating workers.

Mr. Yuewen, Hou
Director of manufacture
CESTBON Beverage Company
Hong Kong



I bought my first 600BPH from 4R on 2000. Though after has been running for so many years, this 600BPH machine is still on a very good condition.

On 2003, when I established a partnership bottled Water Company in Chongqing city, without any hesitation I purchased another whole 600BPH complete line as my investment.

On 2005, as existing 600BPH can not meet market requirement even it ran 24 hours a day, I ordered one complete rotary filling line with capacity 1200BPH from 4R.

While I would like to tell you so much my appreciation to 4R, the most impressive point is that their machine is reliable. At high season on last summer, the longest continuous running record of 600BPH machine is 45 days, with 8 hours each shift, 3 shifts per day! It performed so well that we did not even change a nut for it during that 4 months high season!

I sincerely recommend 4R if you want to make youself distinct on marketplace. 4R is your partner, not a machine seller.

Mr. Tiaohao Cheng
Wutong mountain spring drinking water limited



Our company is actually newcomer of water business. New player but with big investment, we had to be prudent and had considered a couple of machine suppliers.

I did not know 4R until I met one officer of national mineral water association who gave very positive comments on it. After we visited running machines made by 4R, and talked with 4R sales staff and engineers, I knew that I find the right one.

Now installation has already finished, and everything is perfect. I must say that 4R’s beautiful machines and equipment is a very big help for us to gain bottled water dealers’ confidence on us. Now orders from dealers has already reached a satisfied degree and our first 5 gallon bottled water will go to market early this March.

I would like to urge you to call 4R if you are getting into this business. A lot of things, plant layout, ancillary arrangement, marketing and sales consultation, quality maintenance, and hygienic quality certification…you can get highly valuable answers from 4R.

Mr. Qi Liu
Director of plant
AOFENG mineral Water Company, Guangzhou city
A Subsidiary company of FUNENG Group