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Purified water treatment system

• R.O. system can remove the colloidal compounds, organic substance, bacteria and virus in water. The desalination rate may achieve 99.5% or above by using the ultra-thin composite membrane
• The R.O. membrane is imported, the advantages is high desalination rate, long useful life and low running cost          
• Adopt full automatic pre-treatment system to realize unmanned operation  
• Adopt booster pump imported from Grundfos with low noise and stable quality.  
• Ensure the safe of water quality by on-site and real-time monitoring   
• Full automatic electric-control procedure, adopt touch screen operation  
• Make personalized design as per local water quality  
• Less space, small footprint   
• High automatic of R.O. device reduce the cost of running and maintaining                    
• Lowest energy consumption as the motive power of water treatment is only from water pressure  
• Nearly no chemicals and regeneration of acids and bases were used, ensure no chemical liquid discharging and no pollution
• Continuously running, easy for operation, stable water quality